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another Dat "Phan"

hey ya'll!

Have you guys seen the nasty ppl commenting at Dat's journal?? They are just awful! I cant believe someone would go that low. Hope Dat just ignores them all....

btw....I'm Evaleen and i'm 17...yea....(thanks again icequeen!)
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Its absolutely horrible.. but I think he's proven to be a strong person. :) And if the majority didn't think he was as good as he is, he wouldn't have won. :) What ever doesn't kill the boy will make him stronger!
i know, those people are so terrible.

no problem =) anytime
and btw welcome
wolcome and I am sure Dat will be able to look over their crul remarks.


August 8 2003, 12:53:07 UTC 13 years ago

(Deb again) I think the negative comments will just make him that much more determined to succeed. I know he will continue to build on his success. And Dat's the truth! :)